We would have been unable to even dream of commissioning, producing, and performing a chamber opera without the generous guidance, feedback, and support of our many mentors and colleagues. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunities that we have had and the privilege of working with each of these individuals. Their expertise has been invaluable and allowed us space to grow and envision endless possibilities for this project and our futures.

Many thanks to: Jocelyn Adams, Scotty Baldwin, Dr. Robert Davies, Dr. Cindy Dewey, Nell Flanders, Gabriela Lena Frank, Karley Garrett, Camille Decker George, Dallas Heaton, Mila Henry, Dr. Errik Hood, Heather Johnson, Laura Kaminsky, Andrew McAllister, Rebecca McFaul, Michael Palmer, Dylan Rice, Stephanie Rhodes, Dr. Christopher M. Scheer, Craig Trompeter, and everyone else who took the time to encourage and listen to our crazy ideas.

Funding from USU includes Undergraduate Research and Creative OpportunityGrant, Blue Goes Green, Honors Research Fund, and Department of Music.

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