Kimberly Lewin


Kimberly Lewin began playing cello when she was five years old, studying with Dr. Carey Cheney. She now studies with Anne Francis Bayless at Utah State University. Through various workshops and summer institutes, she has studied with other professionals including Paul Katz, Richard Aaron, Natasha Brofksy, Amit Peled, and Clive Greensmith. As a junior majoring in cello performance, she is a Caine Scholar and a member of the Caine Undergraduate Research Quartet. She has served as principal cellist of the USU Symphony Orchestra, and is a winner of the 2019-2020 USU Concerto Competition. She will hopefully perform with the orchestra this fall. Kimberly has always loved chamber music, and this was clear in high school when she was a part of the Pentasuite Quintet. This group of young, dedicated musicians traveled to Indiana in spring of 2018 to compete in the quarterfinals of the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition and to New York City’s Carnegie Hall as part of the American Protégé Competition. A Storm We Call Progress is not Kimberly’s first experience with contemporary music and undergraduate research. In spring of 2019, she was part of the premiere of Stephen Mitton’s third string quartet, Currents, as part of another environmentally-focused project called Plastic Ocean. This coming year, she will have the opportunity to workshop and premiere a new string quartet with Kerwin Young, an emerging composer in the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy. When she isn’t playing her cello, Kimberly likes to read books, make kombucha, go on hikes, and play with her cats.

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